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The following is a running archive of UCSF-wide COVID-19 messages and major updates on this website.

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May 20, 2020

The following message was sent by the Office of Communications:

UCSF has begun a phased return to onsite work for some UCSF community members.

This will allow a limited number of faculty, staff, and learners who cannot work remotely to gradually resume onsite activities. Only those who have been told that they can return to campus should be doing so at this point. Everyone else who can work remotely should continue to do so.

Those who are returning to onsite activities must meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass an online health screen
    • UCSF faculty, staff, learners, affiliates, visitors, and vendors must pass an online health screen to verify that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms or exposures that would put others at risk for infection. Delivery people are exempt.
    • Please review this online tutorial for the health screening tool.
  2. Wear mandatory face coverings
    • Anyone on UCSF property, including buildings, grounds, labs, conference rooms, elevators, parking structures and shuttles must wear a face covering or mask at all times except when alone in a private office or personal vehicle. 
    • Face coverings must cover both nose and mouth, and they should be worn while also maintaining appropriate physical distance—at least six feet apart.
    • A surgical mask must be worn at all times in hospital and clinical settings in accordance with UCSF Health’s Universal Surgical Mask policy.
    • Complete face covering guidelines for campus and Health are available online.

In addition, those returning to onsite activities may want to review updates on:

For more information about the guidelines for returning to work safely, please see the UCSF COVID-19 website protocols for working onsite and FAQ. As we transition from COVID-19 response to recovery, please join UCSF leaders for weekly town hall meetings via Zoom every Friday from 4 to 5 p.m.

We deeply appreciate your continued efforts to ensure the health and well-being of our community and will continue to share updates as they become available.


May 19, 2020


May 14. 2020


May 11, 2020


May 1, 2020


April 17, 2020

  • San Francisco and six other Bay Area jurisdictions announced that, effective April 22, 2020, face coverings will be mandatory for everyone outside the home or outside a private vehicle.


April 16, 2020


April 15, 2020

The following message was sent by the Office of Communications:

There have been several recent developments around UCSF’s COVID-19 response, and we want to make you aware of the following updates:

1.  Policy Update: Self-Reporting COVID-19 Test Results

In order to safeguard the health of the UCSF community and those we serve, UCSF is enacting a new policy aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Starting Wednesday, April 15, 2020, all UCSF affiliates who test positive or have previously tested positive for COVID-19 at an outside facility (e.g., Kaiser, Sutter) must self-report these results to the appropriate UCSF department, as outlined below.

  • Students must self-report positive test result to UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services by calling (415) 476-8736 or sending a secure message to the student health nurse.
  • Faculty, staff, trainees, and volunteers must self-report positive test result to UCSF Occupational Health Services (OHS) by calling the COVID-19 hotline at (415) 514-7328 or emailing [email protected].  
  • Anyone who provides services for UCSF on a contract basis (e.g., on-site vendors) are strongly encouraged, though not required, to disclose positive test results to OHS.
  • Occupants of UCSF housing with no official UCSF affiliation are strongly encouraged, though not required, to disclose positive test results to OHS.
  • Self-reporting positive test results to supervisors or advisors is not required.

This policy applies to all students and personnel at UCSF and UCSF Health, regardless of whether you are working on-site or remotely, paid or unpaid. It will remain in effect until further notice.

UCSF is committed to protecting your personal health information. All COVID-19 test results will be kept strictly confidential and used only for limited, health-related purposes, including contact tracing and other activities to address employee, student, and patient safety as directed by UCSF OHS and Infection Prevention Services. Test results will be kept only in the appropriate health records, separate from personnel files or student records.

Click here to learn more about the self-reporting policy. Questions about this policy can be addressed to UCSF OHS at (415) 514-7328 or [email protected].

2.  Work Resumes on Essential UCSF Construction Projects

UCSF resumed work on essential construction projects at sites around San Francisco on April 14, 2020. In addition, we will continue working on projects that were launched in direct support of the needs of our COVID-19 response.

The decision to resume work on essential projects is in accordance with current local and statewide shelter-in-place orders, which allow exceptions for essential construction activities.

Resuming these essential construction and maintenance projects will help UCSF meet the needs of our patients, researchers, trainees, and the wider community during and after the current public health crisis.

UCSF is committed to safeguarding the health of the construction and maintenance workers, as well as the health of the surrounding communities. We are working closely with all the contractors involved in these projects to ensure their work complies with the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Directive on Construction Safety, including the requirement to maintain physical distancing to prevent transmission of the virus.

UCSF is also working with our contractors to ensure that anyone exposed to or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or anyone who tests positive for the novel coronavirus, remains at home until they are cleared to return to work.

Despite the unprecedented challenges created by COVID-19, UCSF’s mission remains unchanged. We are committed to providing excellent patient care, pursuing path-breaking research, and training the next generation of scientists and patient care providers.

3.  Governor Outlines Plan to Reopen State

Yesterday, Gov. Newsom outlined a framework to determine when the state and local communities can begin to resume work, school, and other activities. The timing will depend on the progress we make toward six indicators, and the governor pledged to make any decisions in concert with local public health authorities and other city and county leaders. For more details, please see the governor’s press release.

Given UCSF's close coordination with the City and County of San Francisco and the Governor's office in managing this public health crisis, we will update the UCSF community as we develop our own plans.

4.  UCSF COVID-19 Town Halls and Online Events

  • UCSF leaders for the weekly UCSF Health and Campus COVID-19 Response Town Hall on Friday, April 17 at 4 p.m. Participate via Zoom.
  • Department of Medicine Grand Rounds on Thursday, April 16 at 12 p.m. for an update on Covid-19: Epidemiology, Treatments and Health Disparities – A list of speakers and panelist as well as Zoom details are available online.
  • “Healing Moral Distress, Moral Outrage, and Reducing Burnout” – Part III of the Department of Psychiatry webcast series “Emotional Resilience During the COVID-19 Crisis” takes place Thursday, April 16 at 12 p.m. Click here to register. (Maximum 3,000 participants)


April 7, 2020

The following message was sent by the Office of Communications:

Please be advised of the following campus updates:

  • Beginning on April 8, 2020, anyone on campus is strongly advised to wear cloth face coverings anywhere they may come into contact with other people. As an interim measure, UCSF will provide essential on-site personnel with surgical masks. Employees who enter clinical areas will be subject to the Universal Surgical Mask Policy.

This guidance is intended to supplement the COVID-19 precautions that are already in place, including frequent handwashing and social distancing, and is in accordance with the latest public health recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For more information, please see the new Campus Face Covering Guidelines.

  • Beginning April 8, 2020, use of your identification key card to enter campus facilities will be an attestation that:
    • You have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the previous 14 days.
    • You have not had recent exposures or symptoms that make you likely to be COVID-19 positive.
    • You are entering the facility on essential business and will stay only as long as necessary.
    • You are adhering to the UCSF Social Distancing Protocol and Campus Face Covering Guidelines.
    • For complete details, please see the Key Card Attestation.
  • Due to the demands of responding to the COVID-19 pandemicwe have cancelled the 2020 Staff Engagement Survey. The next survey will be launched in April 2021.
  • Please join UCSF leaders on Friday, April 10, at 4 p.m. for the weekly UCSF Health and Campus COVID-19 Response Town Hall.


April 3, 2020


April 2, 2020


March 31, 2020

The following message was sent via Office of Communications:

As the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, UCSF has announced the following University-wide updates:

  • Shelter-in-place orders that are currently in effect in the City and County of San Francisco and six other Bay Area jurisdictions have been extended until at least May 1. In accordance with this update, UCSF has extended all campuswide policies aligned with these orders through at least May 1. 
  • UCSF has instituted a universal surgical mask policy. All employees, health care workers, visitors, and trainees entering a UCSF clinical care building will be provided with a surgical mask upon entry. This mask should be used for that day or shift until it becomes wet, soiled, or needs to be changed for alternate personal protective equipment (PPE). Full details of the policy can be found on the UCSF Health Infection Prevention website.
  • Join UCSF leaders for the weekly UCSF Health and Campus COVID-19 Response Town Hall on Friday, April 3 at 4 p.m. Participate via Zoom:
  • Members of the UCSF community are encouraged to make use of the updated information and resources available on the UCSF COVID-19 and UCSF Health Infection Prevention websites. In addition, text “UCSF” to 333 111 to receive text alerts when updated UCSF guidance and information are made available.

UCSF will continue to communicate updates as the situation changes. Everyone’s continued efforts to ensure the health and well-being of the UCSF community are greatly appreciated.


March 25, 2020


March 22, 2020


March 20, 2020

The following message was sent via Office of Communications:

UCSF is continuing to monitor the changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the situation evolves, we will share updated guidance on UCSF policies and resources you can use to stay informed and safe.  Leaders across UCSF also will be sharing these updates, to help ensure that all of the UCSF community receives the information they need.

This update includes Governor Gavin Newsom’s order for all Californians to shelter in place, and the U.S. Department of State’s Level 4 travel advisory against all international travel.

In addition, don’t forget to join a virtual UCSF COVID-19 Response Town Hall, which will include Chancellor Sam Hawgood, UCSF Health President and CEO Mark Laret, and others who will address topics and questions about COVID-19 and UCSF’s response.

Governor Newsom Extends Shelter-in-Place Order Across California

U.S. Department of State Issues “Level 4” Travel Advisory Against All International Travel

Guidance for Using Zoom and Avoiding Connection Issues

IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadline to July 15, 2020—With Conditions


March 19, 2020


March 17, 2020

  • Chancellor Hawgood sent a message explaining how UCSF’s actions align with the “shelter in place” order announced by seven Bay Area counties, which includes updated guidance on:
    • Large events: All non-essential events and gatherings shall be cancelled or postponed, and event organizers must prioritize alternatives such as teleconferencing. Gatherings essential to operations are exempt. Read more »
    • Library closure: The Library is closed until further notice. Collections and essential services will be available remotely. Read more »
    • Shuttle hours: UCSF’s shuttles will operate on a reduced schedule from March 18 through April 3. Read more »
    • Deliveries: Orders should be limited to mission critical products. Read more »
    • Remote IT access: IT has created guidance around working remotely, and requests that all remote workers use VPN only when needed. Read more »
    • New UC Employee Leave Policy: The University of California has issued updated guidance that outlines expanded paid administrative leave to address employees’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more »


March 16, 2020

The following message was sent via UCSF WarnMe:

The City and County of San Francisco has joined six other Bay Area jurisdictions in asking all residents to stay home except to meet essential needs. This order is effective 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, March 17, 2020 until April 7.

The order asks people to stay at home as much as possible. They can go to work and go outside for essential activities including exercise, but they should maintain 6 feet of distance from other people. Services such as banking, gas stations, grocery stores, childcare, public transit, and health care operations would still be operating.

Healthcare facilities and healthcare operations are exempted. As such, UCSF will continue to follow the actions announced recently by Chancellor Hawgood, reducing on-site work where possible, including all non-critical research activities, and encouraging all employees who can, to work from home.

UCSF employees should check with their department heads about whether they should continue to report to work on-site or be redeployed, or if they can work remotely. Employees who work on-site are required to practice social distancing, staying at least six feet from one another.

Employees who leave campus are asked to be ready to return on-site if necessary, as critical functions may need assistance.

More information will be available later from a message by Chancellor Hawgood.

March 15, 2020


March 13, 2020