Protocols for Vendors Working on Campus

Updated June 10, 2020

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of the UCSF community, UCSF is requiring vendors who come to work at its campus locations to follow health measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

For the purposes of this policy, vendors are defined as contractors who perform services on UCSF property that involves more than just a quick delivery. Examples of work performed on-site by vendors includes equipment installations, repairs, and servicing, gas refills, and clinical research monitoring by research sponsors or third parties.

All on-site work by vendors must be approved by Department Heads or Principal Investigators; no higher-level approval is required. Following initial approval of a vendor project, each individual site visit necessary to perform the work needs to be coordinated in advance with an appropriate UCSF contact. 

Until further notice, this policy requires that when an approved vendor works or visits on site, that individual must:  

*Required even for quick deliveries

Some select vendors have been issued a UCSF ID and are on campus full-time or for extended periods of time (generally, months or longer), such as those working in retail, food service, and building operations. These vendors must also follow all the same policies and protocols as UCSF employees.

Construction contractors hired by UCSF Real Estate and other campus units are required to adhere to the terms of their contracts and their site-specific health and safety plans.