COVID-19 Testing for the UCSF Community

Updated March 1, 2021

UCSF is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, learners, patients and families. To achieve this, we offer the following symptomatic and asymptomatic testing to members of the UCSF community. Data related to COVID-19 testing and positive case at UCSF are available on the UCSF COVID-19 Dashboard.


Symptomatic Testing

Employees with symptoms seeking a COVID-19 test should contact Occupational Health Services (OHS) at 415-514-7328. Students with symptoms should contact UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) at 415-476-8736 or send a secure message to the student health nurse.


Asymptomatic Testing

The Asymptomatic Testing Program was established to expand COVID-19 testing capacity. UCSF is working with Color, a health care technology company, to conduct asymptomatic testing. Test kits are available at the following campus locations:

  • Parnassus (including 24/7 vending machine pick-up)
  • Mission Bay (including 24/7 vending machine pick-up)
  • Mount Zion (including 24/7 vending machine pick-up)
  • Laurel Heights
  • UCSF Fresno
  • Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • UCSF employees at ZSFG and VA Medical Center can use the pick-up/drop-off sites at other campuses

When Is Asymptomatic Testing Appropriate?

How To Get a Test

There are three options for asymptomatic individuals to obtain a test:

1)  Vending Machines: You can access test kits through a vending machine that does not require completing the Testing Portal questionnaire. For more information about the vending machines, see the FAQ.

2)  Testing Portal: If you are returning from travel, we strongly recommend that you use the Testing Portal to get instructions on your testing schedule and multiple kit pick-up.

NOTE: The Testing Portal requires MyAccess credentials, which involves multi-factor (Duo) authentication if you are accessing on a mobile device or outside the UCSF network.

Go to the Testing Portal (MyAccess Required)

UCSF Fresno community should use the following link:

UCSF Fresno Health and Testing Screener

    3)  Your Health Care Provider or County: If you’re asymptomatic, you may also contact your health care provider to request a test. Many Bay Area cities and counties also offer free community testing, including:


    Self-Reporting a Positive COVID-19 Test

    To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, UCSF has enacted an enterprise-wide policy requiring all personnel working or learning at UCSF – including those at UCSF Fresno, Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and those working remotely – who test or have tested positive for COVID-19 at a facility other than UCSF OHS (e.g., UCSF Primary Care, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, etc.), to self-report the positive COVID-19 test result to the appropriate UCSF department:

    • Employees and volunteers working at UCSF are required to self-report the positive test result to UCSF Occupational Health Services (OHS) by calling the COVID-19 hotline at 415-514-7328 or emailing [email protected]. This policy applies whether working on property owned or leased by UCSF or working remotely (e.g., telecommuting), paid or unpaid.
    • UCSF students are required to report the positive test result to UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services by calling 415-476-8736 or sending a secure message to the student health nurse.
    • Non-UCSF people who provide services for UCSF on a contract basis (e.g., on-site vendors) are strongly encouraged, but not required, to disclose the results of a positive COVID-19 test to OHS.
    • Non-UCSF occupants of UCSF housing, such as partners and employees, are also strongly encouraged, but not required, to report a positive test result to UCSF Occupational Health Services (OHS) by emailing [email protected].

    Self-reporting a positive COVID-19 diagnosis will allow UCSF to provide individualized counseling on how best to manage the condition and prevent exposures to others, and to describe criteria and procedures for returning to campus when appropriate. For past cases, self-reporting will allow UCSF to help respond to reinfections, should they occur in the future.

    UCSF honors the privacy of our community and confidentiality obligations. Personal medical information will be safeguarded and used only for limited, health-related purposes, including to perform contact tracing or other activities to address employee, student and patient safety as directed by UCSF OHS and Infection Prevention Services. This information will be maintained only in the appropriate health records, separate from employee personnel files or student records. Self-reporting to supervisors or advisors is not required.

    Request for Anonymity for AB 685 Notification Purposes

    AB 685 requires the University of California to notify exclusive union representatives of the names of employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 and who worked onsite during the infectious period. Under 8 CCR 14300.29(b)(7), employees may request that their names not be included in such notifications so long as such a request is voluntary and independent.

    Submit a request for anonymity under AB 685

    This self-reporting policy will remain in effect until further notice. Questions about this policy can be addressed to OHS at [email protected].