Guidance for Hosting Meetings and Events

Updated September 14, 2022

UCSF adheres to the San Francisco Department of Public Health COVID-19 health requirements, and, in some instances, our requirements are more stringent given UCSF's unique role as an academic, medical, and research enterprise. Any event plan is conditional based on current public health orders and conditions. 

Event guidance is based on U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Community Level Classification for campus event settings, and UCSF’s enterprise transmission risk levels.

The following event guidance applies to all UCSF-sponsored events at locations both on-site and off-site:

Events with Fewer Than 100 People

  • Masking indoors strongly recommended
  • Food and beverage outdoors strongly recommended
  • Food and beverage allowed indoors with social distancing recommended

Events with 100 People or More

  • Indoor masking strongly recommended
  • Food and beverage outdoors strongly recommended with social distancing
  • Food and beverage allowed indoors with
    • 50% capacity and
    • social distancing recommended

Non-sponsored UCSF events are expected to adhere to local jurisdictions' public health orders. 

Multi-day events are currently allowed.

Non-sponsored UCSF events are expected to adhere to local jurisdictions' public health orders.

It is expected that departments and event planners will ensure that all attendees adhere to vaccination policy and other guidance listed below regardless of event size. This applies to all indoor and outdoor meetings at UCSF facilities and UCSF-sponsored off-site events. An event safety plan checklist can be found here: Event Safety Plan Checklist

Note: if you are a non-UCSF customer looking to book a UCSF venue, please email [email protected] for more information.  All UCSF guidance and policies apply.

Event Guidance Required by All Attendees


UCSF faculty, staff, learners and vendors must comply with the mandatory UC Office of the President Vaccination Policy to attend an in-person meeting or event.

UCSF vaccination-exempt personnel must receive a negative Color/PCR test in the previous 48 hours, or a negative COVID-19 antigen test within 12 hours prior to the event.

Non-UCSF guests (individuals that are not UCSF faculty, staff and learners including vendor staff) must be up to date on vaccinations meaning fully vaccinated plus booster once eligible to attend or support an in-person meeting or event.  

Vendors must require all their staff to be up to date on vaccination and must comply with the mandatory UCSF Vendor Policy.

If minors are asked to provide vaccination information in advance, parent/guardian consent is required. If the vaccination status is only checked at the event by showing a vaccination card/proof, then no parental consent is needed.

Daily Health Screener

All event attendees are required to take the Daily Health Screener prior to coming onsite. Non-UCSF guests attending the event are required to take the Visitor/Guest Health Screener.


Please see updated policies on masking in campus and UCSF Health buildings here.

Guest Approval

Any non-UCSF guest attending an event at a UCSF facility is required to obtain guest approval before arriving on campus. Event planners should email the Event/Meeting Guest Approval Form to the approval listed on the form at least one week prior to the event date.

Attendance Record

It is required that the event planner keep an attendance sheet with enough contact information for each attendee to facilitate contact tracing, should it become necessary after the event. Click here for fillable attendee sheet.

Room Capacity Limits

When transmission levels are “Medium” or “High,” capacity limits apply to indoor events that serve food and beverage. See the CDC's Community Level Classification here.

Capacity restrictions shall allow no more than 50 percent of the occupancy limit. Occupancy limit is determined by the number of seats dictated by the furniture arrangement, or the Fire Marshal occupancy limit posted outside each venue, whichever is smaller.

The number of attendees is calculated as the maximum number of persons in the room at any one time and includes service and support staff who may be present to work at the event.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is permitted at meetings and events with restrictions based on transmission levels.  Please see above for the latest restriction guidelines.

When allowed:

  1. Food and beverage service must adhere to the following: All food providers and caterers must be compliant with the UCSF Vendor Policy 
  2. Individually served, box meals are preferred
  3. Food may be provided buffet style, provided that it is served by an approved vendor, which is currently Moffit Catering. No self-service food is permitted.
  4. For off-campus events, food service must be compliant with local public health requirements.

Here is more information and guidance on local catering options.


All individuals attending a UCSF- sponsored meeting/event, on or off campus, and who have traveled within the last 10 days must pass the Daily Health Screener (for Employees/Trainees), or the Vendor and Campus Guest Screener (for Vendors and Meeting/Event Attendees). Hosts should advise travelers of UCSF policies and criteria, that individuals can also access in advance by taking the screener.

COVID-19 Exposure

If an attendee at a UCSF-sponsored onsite or offsite event tests positive for COVID-19, please contact Occupational Health Services (OHS) at the OHS hotline: (415) 514-7328. All questions can be directed to this number, which is answered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. If you have questions outside these hours, please email them to [email protected]


FAQs for Event Planners

Do we need approvals for hosting offsite events or meetings?

Offsite events that are UCSF-sponsored are subject to the same policies and guidance as events hosted onsite. Non-sponsored UCSF events are expected to adhere to the local jurisdiction’s public health orders.

Events with less than 100 people are allowed to be managed by the respective department without any formal approval. If an event consists of multiple department attendees, the host/event planning department should be the approver. The event planner must ensure that the event complies with relevant policies such as the UC vaccination policy and those for travel, recruitments, face coverings, and visitors.

Events with more than 100 people are subject to approval. To submit your request for a meeting or event of 100 or more people, please submit the online Meetings and Events Request Form

Are servers and support staff included in the total number of attendees?

Yes. Anyone that is onsite, whether they are considered an attendee or support staff, are included in the total number of those “in attendance.”

If we are using campus facilities for meetings or events, do we need to coordinate enhanced cleaning before and after the event with Facilities, and also to coordinate with Lock shop to unlock the room prior to the event?

For campus conference rooms, classrooms and special use areas, a special COVID-19 cleaning before and after the event is no longer required. Rooms are unlocked during normal business hours.

Are meetings and events limited to UCSF faculty, staff and students only?

No. Non-UCSF guests are allowed to visit UCSF as long as they are up to date on vaccinations meaning fully vaccinated plus booster once eligible and have been approved using the Event/Meeting Guest Approval Form. Additionally, if the non-UCSF guest has traveled from out of state, they must also comply with the UCSF Travel Policy.

Is proof of vaccine required for all event and meeting attendees?

Event planners are responsible for ensuring all attendees are compliant with the UCOP vaccination policy for UCSF Faculty, Staff, and Students and the vaccination mandate for non-UCSF guests. In addition, any outside vendor (including caterer, audio visual or event production) staff will be required to be up to date on vaccinations meaning fully vaccinated plus booster once eligible.

Event planners are required to keep attendance records with enough contact information to accommodate contact tracing should it become necessary after the event.

Is a negative COVID-19 test results required for all event and meeting attendees?

A negative test result is no longer required by San Francisco Department of Public Health orders for events for UCSF faculty, staff and students. However, during times of surge, indoor events with food and/or beverages must implement pre-event COVID testing clearance requirements for events with 100 people or more.  This requirement will be communicated to the host to implement as part of the event approval process.

Where do I submit guest approvals?

Please follow the instructions on the Event/Meeting Guest Approval Form to request approval for non-UCSF guests. 

Does this policy impact education at UCSF?

No. UCSF educators have their own plan to manage classes. However, this events policy applies if schools or departments hold a meeting or event.

Does this policy impact research?

UCSF's research enterprise will continue to operate with no density gates. However, this events policy applies if a research department holds a meeting or event.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].