Interim Policy on Large Events and Gatherings

Updated April 30, 2020

We must support every action that helps to “flatten the curve” of new COVID-19 cases. To limit the spread of the virus in our workplace and Bay Area community – and to help hospitals and clinics manage the increase in demand for care – we are taking the following actions:

Guidance on Increasing Use of Video/Audio-Conferencing Alternatives

Consider alternatives to in-person meetings, including audio/video conferencing tools. These tools can support social-distancing practices, which are an effective strategy for limiting and preventing community transmission of COVID-19. 

UCSF IT has increased capacity and licenses to accommodate expanded technology use.

  • Alternatives to in-person meetings include Zoom. UCSF IT also has increased VPN, DUO and internet bandwidth capacity in anticipation of significantly increased traffic from remote meetings and remote access.
  • Questions or issues should be directed to the IT Service Desk at (415) 514-4100.
  • For walk-up support on Campus, you can also use a UCSF IT Health Desk. See the current locations and hours of these walk-up IT Health desks.

Guidance on Essential In-Person Events

Those who believe that an in-person event is essential must complete this form to request an exception to the interim policy and assess the public health risks of the event/meeting you are planning.

  • Any exception will need to be pre-approved in writing by the Chancellor.
  • In-person gatherings deemed essential should be held in a venue with enough space to keep participants at least 6 feet apart, and participants must follow the strict hygiene protocols set out by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, which emphasizes the importance of social-distancing as a risk mitigation strategy.

If an in-person gathering merits an exception, please consider the following:

  • The size of the space should allow for appropriate social distancing of attendees, as well as personal hygiene protocols and enhanced cleaning of the facilities.
  • Event organizers should coordinate enhanced cleaning in advance of the event with campus or health facilities.
  • Travel restrictions may create difficulties for international visitors on either leg of their trip to a UCSF event. You may need to provide guidance on our interim visitors policy to any international participants you expect to attend your event.
  • Organizers should provide attendees reminders of personal hygiene practices to help them stay healthy and limit the potential for community transmission. Also, ensure easy access to handwashing facilities and, where possible, make available alcohol-based sanitizers.

Guidance on the Potential Financial Implications of Canceling/Postponing Events

We understand this policy and guidance may have financial implications.

UCSF will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated guidance and information as circumstances warrant. 

This interim policy is effective through May 31, 2020, and will be updated as conditions change.