Guidance for Hosting Meetings and Events

Updated Feb. 9, 2024

All Events

  • Multi-day events are currently allowedBased on the latest CDC and CDPH protocols, proof of COVID vaccination status is not required
  • UCSF-sponsored events at both on-site and off-site locations are expected to adhere to the UCSF event guidance below 
  • Non-sponsored UCSF events that are held off site are expected to adhere to local jurisdictions' public health orders 

Events with Fewer Than 100 People 

  • Masking indoors optional
  • Digital Screener recommended
  • Food and beverage outdoors recommended  
  • Food and beverage allowed indoors with social distancing recommended 

Events with 100 People or More 

Requires Recovery Operations Center (ROC) approval by submitting the online ROC Meetings and Events Request Form.

  • Masking indoors optional
  • Digital Screener recommended  
  • Food and beverage outdoors recommended with social distancing 
  • Food and beverage allowed indoors with: 
    • 50% capacity recommended
    • social distancing recommended 

Additional Guidance for All Events 

Attendance Record 

It is recommended that the event planner keep an attendance sheet with enough contact information for each attendee to facilitate contact tracing, should it become necessary after the event. Access a fillable attendee sheet here

Room Capacity

Occupancy limit is determined by the number of seats dictated by the furniture arrangement or the Fire Marshal occupancy limit posted outside each venue, whichever is smaller. 

The number of attendees is calculated as the maximum number of persons in the room at any one time and includes service and support staff who may be present to work at the event. 

To meet 50 percent capacity, the number of attendees shall be no more than 50 percent of occupancy limit. 

More Information

Review the guide to Best Practices for Large Events

If you are a non-UCSF customer looking to book a UCSF venue, email [email protected] for information. All UCSF guidance and policies apply.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].