Policy on Visitors to UCSF Facilities

Updated February 24, 2022 

UCSF's top priority is to ensure the health and safety of the UCSF community, including patients and visitors.

UCSF Health and UCSF Dental Center Facilities

In response to increasing COVID-19 hospitalizations across the state, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced a new state order requiring all hospital visitors to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or documentation of negative COVID-19 test results (within 72 hours) prior to visiting.

This public health order applies to all visitors to UCSF Health and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals inpatients, emergency department patients, and patients undergoing major procedures. Outpatient sites are not included at this time. Essential caregivers are exempt from this requirement. UCSF Health has revised its visitation guidelines. For more information, please see:

UCSF Campus Facilities

All non-essential visits to UCSF campus facilities are prohibited until further notice. To be considered essential, visits must not be able to be postponed and must be necessary to:

  • Preserve the safety of a patient or research subject; or
  • Preserve the results of a research activity (like research monitoring or equipment repair); or
  • Permit interview and related, limited activities involving finalist candidates for UCSF positions; or
  • Meet a graduation requirement for students/trainees; or
  • Participate in a UCSF-approved meeting, event or activity, including UCSF-sponsored or funded gatherings held at off-campus sites.

Approval Process for Essential Guests

  1. All campus guests must be up-to-date on COVID vaccination (fully vaccinated plus booster if eligible). Up-to-date vaccination status is defined as meeting criteria in A or B:

A. COMPLETED an initial FDA- or WHO-approved two-dose vaccination series more than 5 months ago (or one-dose Johnson & Johnson more than 2 months ago) and you have RECEIVED your booster.

B. COMPLETED an initial FDA- or WHO-approved two-dose vaccination series less than 5 months ago (or one-dose Johnson & Johnson less than 2 months ago), and more than 14 days since you completed your vaccination series (i.e., NOT YET booster eligible)

Examples of individuals who are not up-to-date: have not completed the dose requirements of a COVID vaccine, or have not had the booster if eligible, or have  not received an FDA or WHO-approved vaccine.

  1. Be approved to be on campus. Please see approval information below.  If campus guests are also entering UCSF Health hospitals and clinics where patients are present, they must comply with UCSF Health visitor policies and obtain any required prior approval from UCSF Health as described in the link.
  2. Comply with UCSF's face covering protocols, as well as other applicable UCSF event protocols.
  3. Complete the UCSF Vendor & Campus Guest Daily Health Screening and present an entry pass when requested to do so. Those who do not pass the health screen are prohibited from visiting UCSF, and are advised to call their health care provider. Click on the screening link above to review conditions that would prohibit entry to campus, like COVID-19 symptoms, infection or exposure.
  4. If arriving from outside California, monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days and follow these travel requirements for vaccinated individuals:
  • Within California or from another state: no quarantine or testing is required to enter the UCSF campus. However, testing is strongly recommended 3-5 days after interstate travel.
  • From another country, if arriving within 10 days of a campus visit

6. If sick or showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or if COVID-19 test is positive, seek immediate action: do not enter campus facilities, call your health care provider, and immediately follow the CDC home isolation quarantine.


Visit our Vendor Protocols page for approval information and requirements.

Research Participants  

Individuals participating as part of a research trial are approved by the principal investigator of the study. Please contact the research staff or principal investigator for any questions about approvals.  

Research participants must complete and receive clearance from the Vendor and Campus Guest Daily Screener each day before entering any UCSF campus facility.  

Other Campus Guests

For other types of guests wishing to enter the UCSF campus facilities, the UCSF host can apply for approval by sending an email request to the approvers noted below. This request must include a visit record with the following information. Requestors may send an email with the following information, or for convenience, use and attach the Pandemic Guest Approval to Enter Campus form to their email:

  • the names and emails of all guests
  • if guest(s) fully vaccinated (definition above)
  • date(s) of visit
  • campus building(s) to be visited
  • their UCSF host
  • their host’s UCSF affiliation (e.g. department or institute),
  • where travel originated, if the guest is visiting UCSF from another state or from an international site. 

Hosts are responsible to keep this visit record for three months should contact tracing become necessary, and to send details of any testing and quarantine requirements to their guest(s). Approval should be obtained before travel arrangements are made. 

Approvers for Requests Pertaining to Faculty, Research-Related Staff, and Administrative Staff: 

Approvers for Requests Pertaining to Other Administrative Staff or Recruitments: 

Vice chancellors, vice presidents and above, or their designees can also approve guests for their teams/personal staff.

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For questions or policy issues about UCSF's COVID-19 response, please contact [email protected].