Policy on Visitors to UCSF Facilities

Updated October 13, 2022

UCSF's top priority is to ensure the health and safety of the UCSF community, including patients and visitors.

Any individuals visiting UCSF Health hospitals, UCSF Dental Centers, or outpatient facilities are required to follow UCSF Health visitor requirements.

Any individuals visiting the UCSF campus facilities are required to follow UCSF campus guest requirements.

Both are detailed below.

UCSF Health and UCSF Dental Center Facilities: 

Patient Visitors

In response to increasing COVID-19 hospitalizations across the state, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced a state order requiring all hospital visitors to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or documentation of negative COVID-19 test results (within 72 hours) prior to visiting. This public health order applies to all visitors to UCSF Health and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals inpatients, emergency department patients, and patients undergoing major procedures. Essential caregivers are exempt from this requirement.

UCSF Health has revised its visitation guidelines. For more information, please see:

UCSF Campus Facilities

Campus Guest Vendors Visit our Vendor Protocols page for approval information and requirements.

Campus Research Participants

Individuals participating as a study subject in a research trial should be approved by the principal investigator of the study. Please contact the research staff or principal investigator for any questions about approvals or entrance requirements for the research participant and any potential escort, who may need to accompany the research participant.

Campus Guests to Meetings or Events as Meeting/Event Attendees

Refer to UCSF COVID Meetings and Events for information on UCSF-sponsored meetings and events on or off campus, as well as public events on campus.

Campus Guests to the Gyms or Library

  • Members of the public who have UCSF Gym Membership and plan to visit the gym facilities must follow the rules and regulations (including those related to COVID) defined in membership policies.
  • Members of the public who wish to access the Parnassus Heights Kalmanovitz Library should check the UCSF Library site for re-opening information in the fall. When the library reopens to the public, check here for requirements to enter.

Campus Guests Hosted Individually by UCSF Faculty or Staff

  • All non-UCSF guests who are entering the UCSF campus must abide by the requirements noted on the Meetings and Events website and comply with any posted building protocols.
  • All UCSF hosts of non-UCSF guests
    • must abide by all the requirements noted on the Meetings and Events website or
    • must meet the guest at any badged or monitored entrance, verify their digital screener allows entry, and be responsible for their guest throughout the visit.

Contact Us

For questions or policy issues about UCSF's COVID-19 response, please contact [email protected].