Guidance for Employees

Review FAQs for UCSF Employees in PeopleConnect about paid leave, health and safety, reassignment, and other topics.

On this page, you'll find guidance on the following topics:

Are you working on-site at UCSF?  Reminder that anyone working in a UCSF facility must complete a daily health screening for authorization to work. Learn more »

COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Updated August 3, 2021

UCSF is now implementing the UC-wide vaccination policy requiring all faculty, staff, academic appointees, trainees, learners, vendors and contractors who physically access a campus site as part of their employment, appointment or education/training to submit proof of full vaccination or get approval of a request for an exception or deferral by September 1, 2021.

The entire UC policy is posted here. Required forms to request an exception or deferral from vaccination are available on the UCSF Occupational Health Services website. For more details, visit the Campus Access & Protocols page.

Telework Guidelines and Resources

Updated May 5, 2021

UCSF is extending its work-from-home guidance through October 1, 2021 for employees who can perform their University duties remotely.

Looking toward a post-pandemic future, UCSF supports flexibility and ongoing telework for job duties that can be done remotely, integrating ongoing telework with a combination of on-site work, as part of the way it does business.

In a message to the UCSF community, Chancellor Sam Hawgood noted that "UCSF will incorporate a combination of telework and on-site work in our staffing plans for those job duties that can be performed remotely without compromising our mission. We will approach this new venture in the spirit of continuous process improvement, adapting as we learn from our experience."

Please find more information on the Telework Guidelines and Resources webpage.

Flu Vaccination Policy

The University of California will again require the UCSF community to receive an influenza vaccine to help protect our faculty, staff, students and learners during the combined COVID-19 epidemic and flu season. More details will be coming soon.

Guidance for Academic Review

Academic Affairs has provided guidance for Academic Review due to the COVID-19 crisis. Review an update from Dan Lowenstein, executive vice chancellor and provost; Brian Alldredge, vice provost, Academic Affairs; and Lundy Campbell, chair of the Committee on Academic Personnel. 

This message covers the following topics:

  1. Faculty Productivity and Future Academic Review
  2. Extension of the 8-year Clock: Assistant Professors in a Senate Series
  3. Processing of Current Fiscal Year Merit & Promotion Actions
  4. Cancelation of Sabbatical/Professional Development Leaves

If you have any questions regarding this guidance, please contact Emerald Light, assistant vice provost of Academic Affairs at [email protected].

Emergency Paid Sick Leave

Updated May 10, 2021

UC Office of the President (UCOP) released updated information on May 10 about staff and academic employees’ eligibility for Emergency Paid Sick Leave (ESPL). Employees are eligible for up to 80 hours of paid leave for use when they cannot work due to COVID-19 related qualifying reasons.

Vacation/Paid Time Off (PTO) Maximum Grace Period Exception

In response to COVID-19, UC President Michael Drake approved the request to extend the temporary increase to the four-month grace period for vacation leave/PTO accrual maximums for eligible staff, through September 30, 2021.

Effective June 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, Policy-covered staff (PPSM-2.210)  will automatically receive up to an additional 12 months (instead of up to an additional four months upon request) within which to take vacation/PTO leave in order to bring the employee’s balance below the maximum. Policy-covered staff that are close to their vacation leave/PTO accrual maximum will not need to submit individual requests and will continue to accrue for future accrual cycles above their maximum without losing hours through September 30, 2021.  This policy change applies to policy-covered staff and does not apply to represented employees.

​Emergency Voluntary Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program

UCSF has developed an Emergency Catastrophic Leave Donation Program (EVCLSP) to support faculty, non-faculty academics, and staff employees across all of UCSF (Campus and Health) that are unable to work due to COVID-19 impacts. Eligibility to receive donations requires exhaustion of Vacation, Sick Leave, PTO, Extended Sick/Illness Leave, Compensatory Time Off, and COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave.

Eligible donors may elect to donate to the temporary emergency bank for staff affected by COVID or they may donate to a specific person under the existing VCLSP program. The maximum donation an employee may make to these two programs is forty (40) hours in a twelve-month calendar period. Eligible recipient employees can receive up to 16 hours of Emergency Catastrophic Leave.


COVID-19 Testing and Self-Reporting a Diagnosis

UCSF is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees. To achieve this, we offer symptomatic and asymptomatic testing to members of the UCSF community. In addition, all personnel working at UCSF who test or have tested positive for COVID-19 at an outside facility (e.g., Kaiser, Sutter) must self-report the positive COVID-19 test result to UCSF Occupational Health Services (OHS). This policy applies to personnel with current and past positive diagnoses and will supplement the cases already reported within UCSF, and enable UCSF to obtain complete data about positive COVID-19 diagnoses for exposure tracing and analysis. More about UCSF's testing and self-reporting protocol »

Request for Anonymity for AB 685 Notification Purposes

AB 685 requires the University of California to notify exclusive union representatives of the names of employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 and who worked onsite during the infectious period. Under 8 CCR 14300.29(b)(7), employees may request that their names not be included in such notifications so long as such a request is voluntary and independent.

Submit a request for anonymity under AB 685