Guidance for Managers

Are you or your team working on-site at UCSF?  Reminder that anyone working in a UCSF facility must complete a daily health screening for authorization to work. Learn more »

HR Manager’s Guide

All managers should refer to the HR Manager’s Guide in PeopleConnect, updated regularly with information including:

  • Employee Leave
  • Telecommuting
  • Daily Absence Reporting
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Guidelines for Returning to Work Following Potential COVID-19 Exposure

Updated March 22, 2020

For guidelines for assessing whether an employee should return to work following potential COVID-19 exposure please visit the UCSF Health COVID-19 Clinical Resources page.


Faculty, Staff and Trainee Recruitment Activities

The following guidance is effective immediately and applies, until further notice, to all open searches, whether for faculty, staff or trainees:

  • No in-person interviews will be conducted. Remote options for interviews, meetings, seminars or other recruitment activities will be used, adhering as much as possible to the original search plan.
  • Hiring leaders should make sure that virtual interviews are conducted as closely to in-person interviews as possible, especially if some candidates have already been interviewed in person. This means conducting by video, asking the same questions as the in-person candidates and allowing the same amount of time, etc.
  • No candidates should be treated or evaluated preferentially based on the format of the interview. If there is a mix of in-person and video interviews in your pool of finalists, candidates from both formats should be considered equally.
  • Under no circumstances may candidates be removed from a shortlist because they are not available for in-person interviews.
  • Departments and programs may, at their discretion, elect to postpone all interviews until restrictions on travel and visitors are lifted, recognizing this may jeopardize the ability to expeditiously extend an offer or have one accepted by a top candidate.
  • In rare or exceptional cases where there is a business need that requires the candidate to interview on site, regardless of reason, and you do not wish to delay recruitment you should seek prior approval from the Director of Talent Acquisition.
  • For academic recruitments, please reach out to the Academic Recruitment Team in the Office of Academic Affairs, who are prepared to help you conduct and conclude successful academic searches this year despite the unprecedented challenges we are facing. Questions can be directed to Jennifer Polce, Academic Recruitment Manager.
  • For more information on staff recruitments, please contact Steven Wiseman, Director of Talent Acquisition.