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UCSF Health Statement on Coronavirus Test Availability

March 13, 2020
The current capacity allows UCSF Health to cover the current needs for our hospitalized patients and those entering through the Emergency Department each day, with some additional testing for patients at the UCSF outpatient Respiratory Screening Clinic who are suspected of having the virus.

UCSF Health Responds to COVID-19 Needs

March 11, 2020
UCSF Health is actively preparing for a potential increase in patients arriving at our hospitals due to COVID-19.

Feeling Anxiety About Coronavirus? A Psychologist Offers Tips to Stay Clearheaded

March 06, 2020
As cases of the novel coronavirus infection, COVID-19, increase across the U.S., many people may be feeling anxious. We spoke with UC San Francisco psychiatrist Elissa Epel, PhD, who studies stress, about the difference between anxiety and panic, and steps you can take stay calm and prepared.

As Coronavirus Spreads, Experts Explain When to Call a Doctor, How Testing Works and More

February 28, 2020
As concerns about the coronavirus outbreak begin hitting closer to home, UC San Francisco infectious disease experts are providing the latest updates on how to protect yourself, when to seek medical attention, and who is being tested.

How the New Coronavirus Spreads and Progresses – And Why One Test May Not Be Enough

February 13, 2020
UCSF infectious disease expert Charles Chiu, MD, PhD, has been following the disease since its outbreak and provided the latest updates on what science has revealed about how the coronavirus is transmitted, what happens to someone who’s infected, and why a single diagnostic test may not be enough.

As Mysterious Coronavirus Spreads, An Infectious Disease Expert Explains What You Should Know

January 24, 2020
Just weeks since the viral illness was first reported in Wuhan, China, health experts globally are working on containing and treating it.To put the latest news in context, we asked UCSF infectious disease expert Charles Chiu, MD, PhD, about the origins of the Wuhan virus and public health risks...