Super Screener Recognition Program

UCSF Launches Super Screener Recognition Program 

Beginning June 15, 2022, UCSF employees and learners, including Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland employees, who complete the Daily Health Screener on a regular basis will be recognized for complying with this mandatory COVID-19 policy. 

Launched by Occupational Health Services (OHS), this program recognizes those UCSF individuals who are diligent about completing the Daily Health Screener before coming to work or study on campus 

OHS will recognize the top 200 individuals with the highest number of completed Daily Health Screeners at UCSF Health, Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and UCSF Fresno. Employees will be notified monthly through UCSF’s online recognition platform, Recognize. In addition, 40 individuals will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card. 

The Recognize platform will send an email message to all selected employees with copies automatically sent to their supervisor. Those randomly selected to receive gift cards will receive a separate message with instructions on how to claim their prize. 

For questions or more information about the Super Screener program, please contact  Muinat (Abi) Ishowo or Mauricio Roman.