Resources for Students

UCSF remains committed to our learners’ academic success, as well as their health and wellbeing. Each school has been actively working with faculty and other campus leaders to maintain UCSF’s academic programs and keep students progressing toward their goals.

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Student COVID-19 Resources

Flu Vaccination Policy

The University of California is requiring all members of the UC community to receive an influenza vaccine by Nov. 1, 2020, to help protect our faculty, staff, students and learners during the combined COVID-19 epidemic and flu season.

UCSF is finalizing a plan to provide these vaccinations for our own internal community and will be providing further details in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please visit our Flu Vaccination Policy FAQs for answers to initial questions regarding the flu shot requirement.


COVID-19 Testing and Self-Reporting a Diagnosis

UCSF is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our learners. To achieve this, we offer symptomatic and random asymptomatic testing to members of the UCSF community.

In addition, all personnel learning at UCSF who test or have tested positive for COVID-19 at an outside facility (e.g., Kaiser, Sutter) must self-report the positive COVID-19 test result to UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). This policy applies to personnel with current and past positive diagnoses and will supplement the cases already reported within UCSF, and enable UCSF to obtain complete data about positive COVID-19 diagnoses for exposure tracing and analysis.

More about UCSF's testing and self-reporting protocol »


Learning Continuity

Each degree program has offered guidance to teachers and learners on classes, clinics, lab research, other educational activities, co-curricular activities, and travel in the following three categories:

  1. Non-essential and can be canceled or postponed
  2. Essential but can be moved online
  3. Essential and must be conducted in person

There is a range of support and tools to help students and faculty connect, so that work and learning can continue uninterrupted.


Resources for Degree Programs In: