UCSF Principles of Community in Response to COVID-19

The following statement was approved on August 18, 2020:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we – as members of the UCSF community – affirm that we have an obligation to behave responsibly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Our responsibility is two-fold:

  • to protect ourselves, each other, our families, and our communities so that we can continue to fulfill our mission at UCSF; and,
  • to serve as role models whose behavior encourages others to adhere to evidence-based public health guidelines that promote the health and safety of our broader communities.

Our responsibilities extend beyond campus and into our communities, where we must always:

  • wearing a mask in public and when gathering with individuals outside our households; 
  • maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet in public and when gathering with individuals outside our households; and, 
  • following all public health orders and UCSF policies related to COVID-19.

We commit to adhering fully to current and future public health and emergency response directives and university policies related to the ongoing pandemic.