Telework Guidelines and Resources

Shelter-in-place orders have challenged teams across UCSF who had not widely worked remotely, to quickly adjust to this new style of work. This has prompted many questions from departments and leaders about how to support this type of work on a prolonged basis to reduce the number of employees on site during the pandemic, and how we might incorporate telework in our recovery strategy as a key part of how we operate.

As part of the Integrated Recovery Committee (IRC), the Future of Telework and Remote Teams Taskforce has developed a toolbox of tools and resources to meet the immediate needs of those working remotely to support your health, safety, and wellbeing.

The new Telework Toolkit combines resources developed by departments across UCSF in a usable, easy-to-navigate format so employees and managers can find everything they need in one place. The tools address many questions about policy, procedures, equipment, health and safety, and resilience.

Please start with these general HR resources:



  • EHS: Campus Ergonomics – How-to’s, equipment lists, tips for your work space, checklist and other resources.
  • UCSF Health Ergonomics – Starting place for all things ergonomics related
  • Ergonomics Training
    • For Campus – 30-minute recorded webinar with tips, ideas and suggestions for how to work more ergonomically at home
    • For Health – Comprehensive office ergonomic training and self assessment to optimize organizational ergonomic interventions