Child and Dependent Care Task Force

Parents and caregivers at UCSF are facing significant challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those with caregiving responsibilities at home are making sacrifices in their work and careers, as well as in the care they provide to their children and dependents. While all parents and caregivers have felt the amplified impact of COVID-19, its effects have been especially pronounced on women who disproportionately hold caregiving responsibilities.

To address this challenge, UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood appointed the UCSF Child and Dependent Care Task Force in June as one of 10 task forces that report to UCSF’s Integrated Recovery Committee.

As the Chancellor noted in his message to the UCSF community on Aug. 14, 2020, the task force is developing and implementing strategies and solutions to help the university support UCSF parents and caregivers.

Initiatives Implemented

The task force, which comprises representatives and subject matter experts from across campus and UCSF Health, has implemented or advocated for the following actions:

  • Conducting a UCSF-wide dependent care needs survey from Aug. 14 through Aug. 25, 2020 to better understand the challenges parents and caregivers are experiencing. See the survey results »
  • Ensuring the UCSF community receives up-to-date information on options for child and dependent care via the COVID-19 Child and Dependent Care Resources page
  • Launching, in partnership with the YMCA, “Learning Camps” specifically for UCSF families with school-age children
  • Facilitating opportunities for shared care among UCSF community members. Current options include this bulletin board
  • Creating guides for the UCSF community on the types and optimal sequence of leave available to them in the case of a gap in child care
  • Providing resources for decision making about safe child care options given the surveillance data from children in schools and daycare settings
  • Advocating for a COVID-19 financial relief fund, which was launched on Sept. 1, 2020 to provide a payment of up to $1,000 for employees earning less than $75,000

Additional Recommendations

The task force is continuing its work on short- and long-term strategies, including the development of recommendations in the areas of:

  • Providing financial assistance and expanded leave options for parents and caregivers
  • Expanding COVID-19 testing and surveillance
  • Expanding child and dependent care services
  • Recommending policy changes and guidelines that address the unique ways in which disruptions in dependent care affect the careers and work of faculty, staff, and learners

Child and Dependent Care Task Force Members

  • Laura Ishkanian, Co-Chair, Associate Director, Family Services 
  • Elizabeth Ozer, Co-Chair, Professor, Pediatrics 
  • Abbey Alkon, Professor, Family Health Care Nursing 
  • Lee Atkinson-McEvoy, Professor, Pediatrics
  • Seemay Chou, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • James (Jamie) Fraser, Associate Professor, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences 
  • Muryam Goudet, Student, Graduate Division
  • Clay Gustafson, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics 
  • Joseph Hurt, Director of Compensation, UCSF Health
  • Nerissa Ko, Professor, Neurology 
  • Emerald Light, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Stephanie Mackler, Chief of Staff, Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration
  • Snehlata (Sneha) Oberoi, Professor, Clinical Orofacial Sciences 
  • Christine Omata, Assistant Director, Brand Communications
  • Leah Pimentel, Assistant Director, Community and Government Relations
  • Theodore (Ted) Ruel, Professor, Pediatric Infectious Disease 
  • Juliane Winkler, Postdoctoral Scholar, Anatomy
  • Jason Stout, Human Resources Director, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland