UCSF’s Integrated Recovery Committee

To coordinate UCSF’s collective efforts to recover from the ongoing impacts to operations and finances from the COVID-19 pandemic, Chancellor Sam Hawgood appointed an Integrated Recovery Committee (IRC) comprising of campus and UCSF Health leaders to provide ongoing guidance and support to UCSF leadership.

Co-chaired by Sheila Antrum, chief operating officer for UCSF Health, and Paul Jenny, senior vice chancellor of Finance and Administration, the IRC comprises senior leaders as well as chairs and co-chairs of 10 task forces. Each task force is working for several months to discuss operations across UCSF’s mission areas of research, education and UCSF Health and other workforce-related topics. The IRC’s charge is to foster integration and alignment of the task forces’ proposals and recommendations and to provide strategic guidance to them.

The 10 task forces are:

  • Child & Dependent Care
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Testing & Tracing
  • Workforce Planning
  • Education Recovery
  • UCSF Health Recovery
  • Research Recovery

In establishing the IRC, the Chancellor’s leadership team developed guiding principles to be upheld throughout the recovery planning process. They are:

  • Focus on the health and well-being of the entire UCSF community and those we serve
  • Provide timely and transparent communication about planning, decisions and what to expect
  • Manage UCSF’s financial resources wisely and dynamically, and stay focused on its long-term public mission while addressing our short-term challenges
  • Maximize new opportunities and efficiencies, and adopt new practices that strengthen UCSF’s research, education and care delivery mission areas
  • Work together and find strength as one, coordinating decisions, sharing the burdens of UCSF’s challenges, looking for opportunities that raise all boats
  • Lead with UCSF’s PRIDE Values, ensuring actions do not inadvertently create inequities.