Frequently Asked Questions - Recovery

In May, UCSF began restarting some suspended campus and UCSF Health operations. These recovery efforts are being implemented in coordination with local and state public health officials.

Since this is an evolving situation, these FAQs will be updated as more information becomes available. Key enterprise-wide updates also will be communicated by email as well as virtually by school and department meetings and town halls.

Recovery Planning

When will UCSF resume onsite activities that were interrupted by COVID-19?

Many essential UCSF employees have remained working onsite throughout the shutdown, and UCSF has begun a phased COVID-19 recovery plan allowing additional faculty, staff, and learners to gradually resume onsite activities. Additional employees and learners will be working and learning on campus in accordance with easing restrictions in public health guidance.

Who will be allowed to continue working or resume onsite activities as the recovery unfolds?

UCSF will prioritize onsite access for those who are unable to work or learn remotely. Only those who have received clearance will be allowed to continue or resume onsite activities. Learn more about the approval process to work onsite.

What is the rationale for continuing or resuming some onsite activities and not others?

By resuming a limited number of onsite activities in phases, UCSF will be better able to comply with state and local public health orders and keep onsite employees and learners safe. Everyone who can perform their duties remotely should continue to do so until instructed otherwise. The safety of the UCSF community and those we serve remains our top priority.

Working Onsite